Upload Spreadsheet to web

Easy Save 2 has been replaced by Easy Save 3, so is no longer supported.
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Upload Spreadsheet to web

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Hello !

is it possible to save data on Spreadsheet and upload in to server? Also load from Spreadsheet on Server too ?

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Re: Upload Spreadsheet to web

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Hi there,

It's not possible to load spreadsheets with Easy Save 2, but this is possible with Easy Save 3, which is the latest version. Easy Save 2 is only included for backwards compatibility and shouldn't be used for new projects.

With Easy Save 3 you can save and load from CSV spreadsheets using the ES3Spreadsheet API:
https://docs.moodkie.com/easy-save-3/es ... and-excel/

You can then use the ES3Cloud API to upload and download these CSV files from a MySQL database on your server:
https://docs.moodkie.com/easy-save-3/es ... -es3cloud/

All the best,
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