Easy Save outside of unity

Easy Save 2 has been replaced by Easy Save 3, so is no longer supported.
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Easy Save outside of unity

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Does Easy Save have an api for applications that don't use unity. I am currently designing an application and I want to use easy save. However the application is written in C++. It there a library for C++ or any other language
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Re: Easy Save outside of unity

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Hi there,

We have no parsers specifically for any other language as Easy Save data is only intended to be read within Unity.

However, Easy Save 3 uses JSON formatting (which is a fairly standard format) so you may be able to use a C++ JSON parser (of which there are many) to parse the data yourself.

Alternatively you could use ES3Spreadsheet to write the data to a CSV file and use a C++ CSV parser, or even parse it yourself by splitting the string.

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