Saving to a file.. how to?

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Saving to a file.. how to?

Post by neo42 »

Forgive its a noob question, but I am trying to save a string to a file on my persistentDataPath, but its not happening.. Maybe I have some codes wrong that I am not able to figure out..


ES3Settings settings = new ES3Settings();

// Enable encryption and set an encryption password.
settings.encryptionType = ES3.EncryptionType.AES;
settings.encryptionPassword = "jjj";

var file = new ES3File(Application.persistentDataPath + "/userdata.txt", settings);
file.Save<string>("id", "myname");


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Re: Saving to a file.. how to?

Post by Joel »

Hi there,

You appear to be using a deprecated API which is no longer supported. You should use ES3.Save instead. Please see the Getting Started guide for more information:

All the best,
Joel @ Moodkie Interactive
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